J & E Vending Services is committed to maintaining our machines in the best of condition and to restocking all items in a timely manner.

The internal temperature, numbers of stock items, and change dispensers are monitored within each vending machine. Our personnel have access to this information from remote sites, so they can respond quickly to any need for restocking or service. Machines are cleaned and checked every time our personnel visit your site.

Our personnel regularly perform the following checks. Times and dates of these checks are kept on record in our office.


Double-check recorded temperatures with handheld thermometers. At least once a month.

Check that all internal delivery devices are clean and working properly. Every visit.

Check for expiration date and intact packaging of all products. Every visit.

Clean delivery tray and all accessible sides of machine with approved antibacterial solution. Every visit.

Check plug and fan at rear of machine and vacuum or dust as needed. At least once a month.

When machines are installed at your facility, we will consult with your staff to schedule service restocking visits for minimum disruption to normal activities. You may also contact us at any time to report a problem or concern.

We hope to never experience an accident or major problem with J&E Vending machines or products. However, to protect your employees and the public and the property of your facility in the event that an unfortunate event does occur, J&E Vending Services carries a $200,000 commercial liability policy on each of its machine.